Absurd Alchohol Drinking Myths You Probably Believe


The drinking myths you probably believe or already have done it are going to may put into question.
Before you get too drunk to read this, let’s knock down a few more common ones.

Drinking alcohol before bed will help you sleep.
– Alcohol can make you drowsy and fall asleep more quickly but will also reduce the amount of deep “rem” sleep you will get. Leaving you less rested.

Beer before liquor never sicker, Liquor before beer in the clear.
– Order and mixture of alcohol will not make you sick. The speed of your drink will.

Alcohol will warm you when you feel cold.
– In a warm environment drinking alcohol will make you feel warmer, this is because alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate.
– In cold weather, the body will lose heat more quickly.

Drinking Alcohol will kill your brain cells.
– There is no evidence that alcohol affects the life cycle of brain cells.
In fact: Drinking red wine may help prevent dementia in old age.

Coffee and a cold shower will help sober you.
– Unfortunately, the only thing that can sober you is time.

Eating greasy food will help fight a hangover.
– Greasy food can contribute to acid reflux making you feel worse.

The best foods to eat?
-Just watch the video. 🙂


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